George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are good friends. They’ve worked together throughout the years to bring us a myriad of classic films. Recent news though proves that great minds don’t always think alike.

While Lucas continues to alter the Star Wars series with each new home-video release, to immense outcry from fans, Spielberg is taking the exact opposite route with the upcoming release of Indiana Jones on Blu-Ray.

In an interview with AllThingsFangirl following a screening of a newly remastered version of Raiders of the Lost Ark he had this to say:

“This is the best I think it’s ever looked, because in preparation for the eventual release on Blu-Ray we had to correct the print again and get the original negative out of the salt mines, and then we had to do the separations, and basically the files, which are just amazing, with all the technology of today, without changing any of the movie materially, we haven’t removed anything, we haven’t added CGI, there’s no digital enhancements! It’s purely the movie you some of you may remember from 1981.”

We think Spielberg is being quite smart here.  He’s obviously taken note of the negative feedback against Lucas and is giving the people what they want. Thank you Steven, thank you.

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