Filmophilia breaks down the newest trailers arriving on the scene this week.

The Good:

We Bought a Zoo:


Simeon: When it comes down to it, family films like this can go either way; mostly they turn out mushy and superficial, but sometimes they’re genuinely heartwarming. The trailer for We Bought a Zoo thankfully looks to be the latter. With a great list of top actors, from Matt Damon (looking strangely like Mark Wahlberg), to rising child star Elle Fanning, as well as an intriguing concept (even more so because it’s apparently based on a true story), this could well end up being a family favourite this Christmas. I’m also pretty sure the lion’s roar is a warped sound bite of Leo from the MGM logo

The Bad:

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1:


Simeon: After being forced to watch the the first Twilight by my sister (it’s true, I swear!), I have no desire to see any of the others. This trailer didn’t change my mind, and, unless you’re a love-blind ‘Twihard’, it probably won’t do anything for you, either. Is it me or do they make the vampires 10 shades paler in every movie?

The Weird:

The Awakening: 


Simeon: Looking past the uninspiring and rather generic horror title, this film has definite signs of being a genuinely scary, while, at the same time, beautifully filmed piece of cinema. Putting this trailer in the Weird section is not a vote of no confidence – it’s simply a reflection of the fact that the supernatural topic is… well, weird (though, of course, not uncommon). Centred, as it is, around a sceptical hoax exposer, played by the wonderful Rebecca Hall, who is shocked to find her rational beliefs challenged by a case she investigates, this trailer holds evidence of a Shutter Island inspired plot – mind-bending twists should be expected.

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