Some of you may have heard about a slasher film called Sint or Saint, a gruesome tale of a murderous Saint Nick slicing children throughout Amsterdam. If not, you might want to check that out while preparing yourself for the holidays (depending on how cynical you are about Christmas). But give old Saint Nick a breather for now, for the director of Sint is back, and this time there are no sleigh bells. Dick Maas (Amsterdamned, The Elevator) has two things on his list this year: blood and games.

The film in question (you’ll see what we did here in a second) is Quiz (got it?). Described on Twitch as a dark thriller (are there light thrillers?), the premise goes something like this: A famous game show host is being harassed in a restaurant by a strange man who claims to have kidnapped his wife and daughter. A morbid game ensues in which the game show host turns out to be the candidate.


Nobody likes to have to read while watching a movie (admit it, if you wanted to read you would find yourself a nice book), but this one might be worth having to read subtitles (it’s that or learning Dutch). The imagery is crisp, the story intriguing and the cast includes Emmy winner Pierre Bokma and Rembrandt Award winner Barry Atsma. You may not be a fan of slashers, but this, unlike Saint, is distinctively a thriller, a different breed altogether (blood: yes, gore: no) and production values are solid. So will you play?

Game on March 22nd next year.

Check out the official website for more.

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