Adam Sandler’s latest flick, Jack and Jill, has pretty much made him Public Enemy #1. It was so widely maligned, so horribly, infuriatingly bad, that we here at Filmophilia even had to come up with a new way to grade it for our review.

In a perfect world, that movie would never have happened. In the next best thing, its reception would have made Sandler take a break from acting and really think about his next project. In our world, it just means he’s going to make a sequel to another one of his disappointing comedies.

2010′s Grown-Ups is getting the sequel treatment, and all of its stars are expected to return. If we could get paid 20 million dollars for sitting around with our friends making dick and ball jokes, we probably would.

The script is currently being written by comedic black hole Fred Wolf, who has such masterpieces as Joe Dirt, Without a Paddle and, of course, Grown-Ups, to his name. An interesting bit of trivia being that Grown-Ups 2 will be the first ever sequel Adam Sandler makes to one of his movies. You know, until Jack & Jill 2 comes along.


  • Erlingur Gretar

    Oh, dear God. Remember when he was sort-of promising? You know, when he did The Wedding Singer?

  • atlisig

    Ugh. Why couldn’t he just make Happy Gilmore 2? Or Billy Madison 2?

  • Sverrir

    Dear Mr. Sandler,

    Your lazy ass ‘comedies’ aren’t funny and insult the viewer. Take on more dramatic roles, it’s the only thing you’re good for.


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