In a wonderful meta-capitalist twist, the makers of Prometheus, my personal favorite upcoming film (Read my interview with Ridley Scott to see why), have released not one, but two previews for a trailer which is due out Thursday. Yeah, you read correctly. This is a preview for a trailer for a movie. Jean Baudrillard would wet himself with joy at this sight. And according to the countdown in each preview’s opening, another one is still to come tomorrow.

This is a bold move in order to gain ground on the other high-profile blockbuster of next summer, as Fox’s Alien semi-prequel is fighting some stiff fanboy competition in The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers. But how does a preview for a trailer look? Check it out:






This is… wait, let me just gather my thoughts for a second here.


*Stares at screen, tries to speak. Falters.*

*Inhales again*

Excuse my French, but are you fucking kidding me?

If the preview for a trailer can look this mind-numbingly awesome, how good will the actual trailer be? And what sort of bar will be setting for Prometheus come Thursday evening?

Are we witnessing a week where Prometheus suddenly becomes The Officially Most Exciting Film of Summer 2012, in the same week The Dark Knight Rises premieres its first full trailer?

Could it be?

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