Dear Adam Sandler, please go away. Stop dragging funny people like Andy Samberg and lovely girls like Leighton Meester in to these vapid, fun-less oblivions that you call your movies. This piece of trash features Sandler as nb mhjnbc x  nnb hgvbh hjuyjhknm hbngj hygthgbnv g thyftrfgghyjnm hbngjv. 

Yes, I just repeatedly headbutted my keyboard as that’s just as effective as recounting the plot to the “film”.


It’s a Red Band trailer and should therefore include the more pointed and crass gags from the film. Except not a single one of them manages to conjure up even a chuckle, much like Jack & Jill before it. Adam Sandler, go away, you’re sucking the funny out of everyone around you.

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