Robert Pattinson is not the most highly ranked actor out there and we here at Filmophilia have not been ones to cheer for him so far, though none deny he was pretty good in the Harry Potterfilms. However, something about him must have caught David Cronenberg’s eye for he is the lead in his new film Cosmopolis.

Initial teasers just showed us an unhinged man surrounded by sex and violence but this newest trailer suggests there is a lot more to the world of Cosmopolis, though what exactly is a little unclear. In fact this trailer throws so much random stuff at you it’s hard to make out any sort of story.

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Rats, strange technology, Pattinson looking very serious (actually kind of dead), talk of the Spectre, streets in flames,  a rat-costumed person crawling on top of a car, some creature we can’t really make out what is, being smashed against another car, nipples slightly showing – what is this film? Trying very hard to look European by the looks of it. And very out there.

Do we like what we see? Well, seeing Pattinson tackle something a bit more brutal than usual is intriguing and Cronenberg always delivers something interesting, sometimes even amazing like Eastern Promises. We can’t help but hope this strangeness leads to brilliance.

UPDATE: Here’s a second trailer, with more plot exposition, more weird and more Paul Giamatti. Enjoy at your own risk:

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