At long last, almost a year since production wrapped on the then-titled Wettest County in the World, we’ve been give a trailer that showcases the quite frankly ridiculous acting talent behind John Hillcoat’s third feature film. Set in the South during Prohibition Lawless looks like a healthy mix of The Proposition & Boardwalk Empire and we are excited.

The film has been rather mistreated in the past; written by Nick Cave the film was originally entitled The Wettest County in the World (y’know, like the book it’s based on), it then briefly changed to The Promised Land and then to simply Wettest County. In March of this year it was changed again; this time, no doubt much to Terrence Malick’s chagrin, it’s Lawless and it appears the name’s going to stick.

Much like John Hillcoat’s debut feature The Proposition (also written by Cave) we’ve got 3 brothers (Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy and Jason Clarke) who are outlaws and whose luck looks to have run out thanks to a cut-throat lawman (Ray Winstone in The Proposition, Guy Pearce here). That being said there’s enough that’s different to get us all giddy and excited and that’s not just Jessica Chastain, who I’ll admit to having a crush on.

On top of name problmes the release date has also fluctuated wildly thanks to distributors The Weinstein Company who now are looking to unleash Lawless on the public on the 31st of August despite the fact it’s getting a May premiere at Cannes film festival (in competition) Why? Well to capitalise on Tom Hardy’s popularity following his role as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises of course.

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