Someone must have decided it was ‘Shitty Movie’-news day, because here’s another golden nugget for you. Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer have just announced that they will be shooting ‘The Starving Games’ in the near future. The writer/director (it hurts to call them that) pair have already brought us gems such as Vampires Suck, Date Movie and Meet the Spartans.

According to the duo, they won’t just be lampooning the massively popular ‘The Hunger Games’ in their new flick, but will also set their sights on The Avengers, Sherlock Holmes and Harry PotterFantastic. We’re sure it will be the very pinnacle of comedy.

If you’re worried that ‘The Starving Games’ is too far off, don’t worry. Friedberg and Seltzer are hard at work on their next war on comedy, titled ‘The Biggest Movie of All Time 3D’. So you have that to look forward to.


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