We showed you the first trailer for Django Unchained a few days ago, and now Yahoo! has premiered the International Trailer for Quentin Tarantino‘s latest mash-up of styles, genres and eras.

You can hop over to Yahoo! and see the trailer HERE, as WP appears not to allow us to embed their videos.

In short, it doesn’t feature a whole lot of footage not already seen, except that, if anything, it focuses even more on Christoph Waltz‘s Schultz and Jamie Foxx‘s Django and their relationship from the moment Schultz mysteriously frees him from a slave trader. It skips across the main storyline, where Django decides to stay in Schultz’s company despite being a freed slave, and they encounter Leonardo DiCaprio‘s Calvin Candie, owner of an infamous plantation where slaves fight for entertainment.

We get even more quips from Waltz, who’s apparently known for “killing people” (a stunning new character trait for Christoph Waltz to play with [/sarcasm]) and see Foxx frown in more shots. (“You’re a free man? – “Yeah.” – “And you choose to wear this?”) That said, the overall style of the film bears obvious marks of QT’s signature style, which is all about a carefully controlled mayhem, where eras, genres, OTT characters and ridiculously quotable lines clash at every juncture. No bets taken for “I like the way you die” to become an endlessly referenced line in cinema for decades, by the way.

We also feature a plethora of stills from the film, some new, some featured in lots of places else before, again most of them featuring Foxx and Waltz.

Take a gander below, and click any of the images to view all of them in our fine-looking gallery.

Christoph Waltz shooting a man in Django Unchained

Christoph Waltz in Django Unchained

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