Shia LaBeouf has taken a lot of shit over the last few years. After becoming the poster boy for all of the worst aspects about Michael Bay as a director, gaining a new legion of haters through playing Indiana Jones’ son and failing to become a mainstream action star through Disturbia and Eagle Eye, Shia retreated from the spotlight for a short while, focusing instead on smaller indie projects, and even going the full monty in Sigur Rós‘ artistic music video to Fjögur Píanó.

His hiatus from high-profile has turned out to be short-lived, and as he is actually -and I know some of you will gasp in horror at this bold statement- a pretty good actor, his next project might just keep the haters at bay.

In period thriller Lawless, LaBeouf is surrounded by an A-list cast if there ever was one, but it seems that the producers have been easing us into the idea of Shia being the actual lead in the film. If there was any doubt, though, this newest poster will set us all straight.

Shia LaBeouf holding a shotgun in a red Lawless poster

Shia’s looking the business in what is a pretty inspired, but simple design. I’m looking forward to Shia proving some people all sorts of wrong about him come August. How about you? Where do you stand on LaBeouf and Lawless?

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