Update: According to the Los Angeles Times, Universal are saying that Stewart might still appear in the film, just not in a leading capacity. Still, ouch – SS.

Things haven’t exactly been coming up roses for actress Kristen Stewart. We won’t waste any time recounting the scandals which Stewart has been mired in, but it seems her personal life is now starting to negatively affect her career.

Snow White and the Huntsman‘ grossed 390 million dollars worldwide, so a sequel was inevitable. However, due to the negative press surrounding the star of the film, the project is being re-envisioned…without Snow White. That’s right, according to Deadline, Kristen Stewart and her character are being scrapped for the upcoming sequel.

‘Snow White’ director Rupert Sanders, also neck deep in scandal, had already begun working on a sequel to the film with screenwriter David Koepp, but Universal Studios now want the sequel to focus on Chris Hemsworth‘s character of The Huntsman. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio is in the process of settling with Koepp and finding a new writer for the project.

So, while the wheels of Hollywood keep turning and the effects of the Stewart/Sanders scandal will no doubt be felt for a while, only one things seems absolutely certain: It is a good time to be Chris Hemsworth.


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  • http://www.snorrikristjansson.com Snorri Kristjansson

    “He’s tall! He’s vaguely Nordic! Are you ready for – And the Huntsman! TWO!”

  • http://therebelchick.com Jenn @therebelchick

    Good, Kristen Stewart is over-hyped anyway. I’m more likely to watch the sequel without her in it!

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