Despicable Me surprised a lot of people when it came out in 2010. Expected to be a bit player in the Great Animation Race, this Steve Carell-starring romp from CG-animation newcomers Universal and Illumination Entertainment took the world by storm, hauling over $540 million dollars worldwide, thereof $251 million in the US alone.

A sequel for Despicable Me is already in production and will premiere in July next year, but now a release date has been set for the spin-off, which will star the scene-stealing minions from Despicable Me. The Untitled Minions Project will wreak havoc on cinemas December 19, 2014, so if you’re averse to hordes of rabid, screaming kids in cinemas, this is a perfect date to go shopping, out to a quiet restaurant, or just stay at home and watch Die Hard.

I’m not entirely sold on this project. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the minions. I’m the sort of person who repeated the phrase “Cinnaminion” ad nauseum just because some guy at the IHOP marketing department had a brilliant 16 seconds of creativity. But their adorableness is reliant on them being precisely what they are: minions. They are the colorful side characters, and I have serious reservations as to whether this kind of humor will hold up for an entire 90 minutes, especially when we’ve had another serving of them in Despicable Me 2  just a year before.

But then again, Puss in Boots pulled it off. What do you think? Will the Minions Movie be funny?

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