Controversial director Lars von Trier‘s newest project, Nymphomaniac, has officially entered principal photography. The project, which will be released in separate versions (an R-Rated cut, as well as an X-Rated one) next year, has raised a lot of eyebrows due to its, apparently, high volume of graphic sex scenes.

Nymphomaniac tells the tale of one woman’s erotic journey, from her birth to the age of 50. The titular woman will be played by Charlotte Gainsbourg, who recounts her life to a stranger after a back alley beating. Newly turned sensitive artisté, Shia LeBeouf also stars along with Stellan Skarsgård.

Official statements make it out to sound quite ambitious on an artistic level:
With NYMPHOMANIAC Lars von Trier wishes to transfer, in film, previously unseen qualities from the world of literature. A monumental film about the female erotic desire, with claims and counter-claims, conflicting angles, and moral or perhaps precisely immoral observations. Because through the help of the main story, the film allows for the most strident arguments and wildest thesis, and exactly thereby it creates space for the discussion of it all – the film itself, the human beings, life! 

According to a press release the rest of the cast includes Stacy Martin, Jamie BellConnie Nielsen, Mia Goth, Jens Albinus, Severin von Hoensbroech, Peter Gilberg Cotton, Nicolas Bro, Tabea Tarbiat, Janine Romanowski, Jesper Christensen, Tania Carlin, Felicity Gilbert and Shanti Roney.

Curiously, the list doesn’t include Nicole Kidman and Willem Dafoe, actors previously believed to be in the film.

As an added note, the press release does state that the various sex scenes will be performed by body doubles (read: porn stars) with the aid of special effects. That flies in the face of Shia LeBeouf’s recent statements that he’ll be doing his own, full-on sex scenes in the film.

I haven’t seen enough of von Trier’s oeuvre, but I did like Antichrist and Melancholia so I’m interested in seeing what this whole ordeal turns out to be.

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  • atlisig

    The films premise reminds of that movie in Seinfeld named “Rochelle, Rochelle” which described “A young woman’s erotic journey from Milan to Minsk”.

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