The Comedy is a new film from Rick Alverson, and if this trailer, the synopsis and first word-of-mouth is anything to go by, the title is a blatant misnomer. Let’s start with the teaser itself, entitled “Golf Teaser”:

Now, on to the synopsis: “Indifferent to the notion of inheriting his father’s estate, a Williamsburg guy passes the time with his friends, playing games of mock sincerity and irreverence.”

So far, so pretentious. But take a look at the people involved and that presumption might change: Tim Heidecker, the “Tim” from the rather brilliant “Tim and Eric”, plays the lead role, and around him we’ll find off-beat genius, like James Murphy, the mind behind LCD Soundsystem, Eric Wareheim, the other half of Tim and Eric, and finally Neil Hamburger (or Gregg Turkington, as he’s credited here).

You might not know who Neil Hamburger is, but after having seen him in person, performing his “comedy” as a warm-up act before a Faith No More concert, he is irremovable from my memory for as long as I live. It’s not that he’s funny. He’s not. But he’s not “not funny”, either.

Neil Hamburger is so catastrophically unfunny, insulting and generally abusive to the senses that he has created an artform around it. In fact, this skit from Tim and Eric Nite Live might explain it:

In other words: I might just go and see this film for the unadulterated, pretentious brilliance (or is that the other way around?) of it all.

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