Millenium Films has just released a trailer for the upcoming thriller ‘The Iceman‘. The film features the unnervinly intense Michael Shannon as Richard ‘The Iceman’ Kulinski, who was a contract killer for the mob, allegedly murdering over 100 people. Freezing his victims to confuse the time of death and throw off the police, Kulinski’s dedication to his job was only matched by his love for his family.


Starring alongside Shannon are Ray Liotta, Chris Evans, James Franco and Winona Ryder. The trailer veers slightly into the ‘showing-too-much-too-soon’ territory, but then the film is based on a true story, with many people already knowing what happens to Kulinski.

Michael Shannon is as intense as ever in the trailer, and we wouldn’t be surprised if he nabs another Oscar nomination for his role as The Iceman. You know, if the members of the Academy aren’t scared of inviting him. Ray Liotta is doing his tried-and-true mobster bit, which is fine and dandy, but it’s Chris Evans who stands out. Looking back at the start of his career, it’s really amazing to see how far he’s come. He has done a good job in avoiding being typecast, which is no easy feat when you’re also Captain America.


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