Sometimes you see something that just makes your day better. When that happens, it is your absolute responsibility as a human being to share that with as many people as you can. At least, we here at Filmophilia abide by that rule.

For those who are not familiar with the Make-A-Wish foundation, it is a group dedicated to granting the wishes of sick children, often times children who are terminally ill. Back in July, the foundation brought together a fantastic special effects company, Spectral Motion, actor Ron Perlman and a young ‘Hellboy‘ fan, Zachary. It was Zachary’s wish to meet Hellboy and, of course, to become Hellboy. When Perlman heard about the boy, he couldn’t resist and donned the Hellboy make up once more.

More recently, a city in Ohio created a Facebook event called ‘Lighting the Bat Signal for Jayden’, in the hopes of helping a five year old boy realize his dream of meeting the real Batman. The event, which gathered more than 30.000 people from all over the world, hoped to catch the attention of Christian Bale who, of course, portrayed Batman in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Proving once again that flat out nice people exist, Bale heard about the event. He flew Jayden and his entire family to Los Angeles, where they all dined at the Disney Club and Jayden got to meet his heroes.

You can check out photos of all the life-affirming loveliness below. If even one of the pictures or stories above brings a smile to your face, share it with your friends. Hell, share it with anyone.

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