2009′s Star Trek was a remarkably fresh spin on stagnated franchise that’d almost completely disappeared from the public eye. The film achieved the goodwill of critics and audiences alike, as well as a heap of cash. A sequel was inevitable.

Even though the story is now set in an alternate timeline, thanks to clever writing in the ‘first’ one, Paramount couldn’t really call it Star Trek 2 and it of course couldn’t remain ’Untitled Star Trek Sequel’. With Star Trek’s rich history of colorful subtitles they would have to come up with something to do the series justice. And they kinda did.

The sequel is now officially titled Star Trek Into Darkness.

I like it. No colon. No ‘The’. No ‘Revenge’. It’s very open, but decidedly not-generic. I also like how you can interpreted as ‘Trek Into Darkness’ . It’s all very interesting and does little to lessen the strain of waiting until May next year to finally see the film.

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