My distaste for the Twilight Saga, even though Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 was surprisingly not completely awful, has been rather well documented and it is abundantly clear that a lot of people agree with me.

With this newest trailer for the final Twilight film it feels like Summit it trying to appeal to those that like grand epics. The problem is that they don’t do it all that well and Twilight isn’t a grand epic. Not even close


Playing a Two Steps From Hell track doesn’t automatically make your trailer good, Summit.

The dialog is as bad as ever, the delivery is flat and the effects are patently terrible. And that’s just surface level stuff. The trailer states that “It Has All Led to This” but that seems completely false, at least not the series I’ve seen up until now. Especially since it seems to focus heavily on introducing dozens of new characters with hereto unseen abilities outside of the realm of what we’ve seen so far. That’s not good storytelling. Perhaps all the set-up would’ve been better spent in Part 1?

Happily, it’s not long now until all this is over. Then we can wait a few decades until we can all groan at the inevitable gritty reboot/remake.

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