You know, scouring the internet for movie-related news would be a lot better if things like ‘Scary Movie 5‘ didn’t happen. Why post them, you ask?

We like being snarky, okay?

In any case, come hell or high water, The Weinstein Company are hitting us with ‘Scary Movie 5′, and have just released the first still from the flick. The still features Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen in bed together, and is said to be from the opening scene. In other news, those sheets were not white when filming started.


‘Scary Movie 5′, to be released April 19th, 2013, also stars Heather Locklear, Ashley Tisdale, Molly Shannon….and some other people who should not convince you to see this movie. Scroll on down to see Lindsay Lohan realize what her life has become, and Charlie Sheen not care.

Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan in Scary Movie 5

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