Korean director Chan-wook Park, known for a string of weird, stylish and violent films in his homeland (including the likes of Oldboy and Thirst), is moving into the world of English language filmmaking with his next effort, Stoker. As you might have guessed it looks weird, stylish and violent.


This is unsettling in the best way. Park’s films have usually made a point of shattering social norms and Stoker seems to continue the trend. The subject matter and cinematography comes together in a potent cocktail that sends a deeply disturbing chill down your spine. Mia Wasikowska has made quite the name for herself with a string of good performances since coming on to the scene in the thoroughly bland Alice in Wonderland and this seems like just the demanding type of role to cement her as grade-A talent. On top of that we have Nicole Kidman and Matthew Goode being super-creepy-weird, this looks like the best thing Kidman has done in a while and Goode has this way of semi-whispering that just gets under your skin.

The biggest wildcard however is the script. It’s written by professional dull actor, Wentworth Miller. Yes, the guy from Prison Break and Resident Evil: Afterlife. Though, this all seems so damn weird that maybe he has a ton of buried dark stuff that he can mine for great writing material. Fingers crossed.

Personally, I’ve only seen Oldboy but this looks really good and has me seriously interested in the rest of his filmography. Plus, how can you not want to watch something called I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK?

Stoker comes out in March 2013.

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  • Amy

    This is the best thing Kidman has done in awhile? because you say so, lol. I guess you’ve been living under a rock unless the Oscar nomination she got for Rabbit Hole 2 years ago, the fantastic reviews she is enjoying for her performance in Paperboy and the Emmy nomination she got for Hemingway and Gellhorn are all just figments of the imagination.
    This is a 2min trailer, it may end up being deemed crap by unintelligent critics who enjoy the look of the cinematography than the characterisation.

    • Sverrir Sigfusson

      No need to be passive aggressive, I’ll admit that I haven’t seen most of the things you mentioned, but Rabbit Hole was two years ago and that is a while. Perhaps I should have said something along the lines of “most interesting” or “different”.

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