It’s often said that everybody in Iceland is in a band. To a certain extent this is true. I’m In A Band explores the blossoming Icelandic music scene, following a single member of three separate bands around with the aim being to shed light on the inner workings of the ‘industry’.

I’m In A Band is a very traditional documentary, with the given correspondent providing commentary while the filmmakers give you the relevant visual accompaniment. Here they have the wonderful countryside and interesting cityscape of Reykjavík to mine for shots and they don’t disappoint. The whole film is wonderfully shot and well-edited, which gets along swimmingly with the interesting picture it paints of the Icelandic music scene.

One however wonders how relevant it is as two of the three bands that the film follows are practically complete unknowns. Do they really represent the oeuvre of Icelandic music? There are also a couple of audio issues, of varying kinds. The filmmakers have chosen to include a Stephen Fry-a-like, fast talking Briton meant to provide color commentary. Not a lot of it is actually that funny and sometimes he’s quite illegible. This audio issue also plagues many of the films more free-flowing conversational segments. Worst of all though is that fact that the numerous live performances contained in the film were all recorded with audio equipment that can only be described as lacking. This results in sub par audio quality for almost all of the film’s music. Not something you want in musical documentary.

Final Verdict: A fine documentary that gives great insight into how musical artist work in Iceland.

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