Jean-Claude Van Damme is not afraid to poke a little fun at his image. Anyone who’s seen JCVD or this ad should know that.

He also knows his target group very well. And that’s why there’s nothing particularly surprising about his newest film, 6 Bullets, which has just been released on video. Not that I’m complaining.


Van Damme is playing yet another One Man, now an aging but still terrifically cut ex-mercenary, sent straight into the plot of Taken to retrieve the kidnapped daughter of a rich American MMA fighter. Although the father’s profession suggests it, there is no clear hint of any double team action in 6 Bullets.

While he did show up for The Expendables 2 this summer, a half-send up, half-exploitation of the hard-knuckled action genre, there is nothing self-deprecating or sarcastic about 6 Bullets. Van Damme is all business, all serious and unforgiving, and I for one think that might be a good thing. As long as the action is executed well enough and JCVD is badass enough, it should give fans of old-fashioned One Man action a good 90 minutes of entertainment. It won’t reach far outside the core fan demographic, but if Van Damme looks okay with it, I’m okay with it.

6 Bullets is out already.

Cover for Jean-Claude Van Damme action thriller 6 Bullets


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