With the flow of supernatural horror flicks, all competing to beat each other’s shock-per-minute rate, there is one Halloween hopeful aiming at a completely different effect. The American Scream is a documentary by Michael Stephenson, the director of Best Worst Movie, which delved into how the infamous Troll 2 came to be. And it just might one of the most endearing films of the season.

Following three families’ preparation for Halloween, Stephenson reveals something a real-life version of the Town of Halloween, which just happens to be located in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. Every Halloween, the small town comes alive due to the efforts of people like Victor Bariteau, who has dedicated all his free time (and then some) for years to create an immense number of monsters, tombstones and various Halloween contraptions.

It premiered at Austin’s Fantastic Fest, where it won the Best Documentary award, and if this trailer is anything to go by, deservedly so. In spite of the subject material being about the source of some of the scariest stuff ever imagined (and there might just be some genuine jump-scares in the film), The American Scream looks like a truly funny and human documentary, focusing on average people trying to evoke something extraordinary.

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