Only a few days ago, Liam Neeson was spotted in an interview saying that the possibility of a third film in the Taken franchise were looking mighty slim. Of course, that was an actor speaking about a personal artistic opinion, and before the opening weekend as well.

Over the opening weekend Taken 2 hauled almost $110 million worldwide, giving no heed to the subpar reviews headed its way, including one from yours truly. At a lean budget of $45 million, it’s already making Fox’s executives a healthy profit, so naturally rumours of a third Bryan Mills opus are already afloat. The Wrap cites the increased focus on overseas box-office (where Taken 2 has made $67 million already, at the time of this writing) as the main indicator that Taken 3 will be announced sooner than later.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I fucking love Liam Neeson, in pretty much anything from Schindler’s List to The A-Team. I even stood up and walked out of The Phantom Menace about 45 minutes in, in protest against Neeson’s treatment in the film. But he is so much better than Taken 2, and if the bottom line is everything Fox and Luc Besson think or care about, I sure hope he’ll skip another retread. Who knows, maybe a spinoff with Maggie Grace‘s Kim could be entertaining.

What say you, dear readers? What did you think of Taken 2? Would you like a third serving of some Mills punch?

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