One by one, people.

Back in August, 20th Century Fox was in danger of losing the rights to Daredevil unless they got the project going by October 10th. They were quick to bring on David Slade, director of 30 Days of Night, in the hope of putting a Daredevil reboot on the fast track. However, Slade dropped out. Joe Carnahan, director of The Grey offered his services, but the studio felt it was too late to begin production.

Marvel, as we reported, was willing to give Fox an extension in exchange for the rights to Galactus, the well-known planet-eating villain. With their own Fantastic Four reboot planned, Fox refused the deal. That, boys and girls, is the story of how Marvel got Daredevil again.

Fans who were left cold by 2003′s Ben Affleck action flick can rejoice, as Marvel can now give us the Daredevil we deserve.

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