Quentin Tarantino showed with Inglourious Basterds that he could take his sensibilities and apply them to a period piece, giving us a fantastic spin on World War II (if there’s such a thing). Now he’s looking to do the same in the shape of a turn-of-the-century Western with an African-American protagonist. From what we’ve seen, Django Unchained looks like rousing success.


It seems that Tarantino is hellbent on delivering the most lighthearted racially motivated revenge murder film of the year. The principal cast looks positively electric. Jamie Foxx oozes cool and a steely eyed craving for revenge, while Christoph Waltz appears vastly different from his star making turn as Hans Landa but just as entertaining. Most interesting, however, is Leonardo DiCaprio‘s dapper, magnetic sleezebag of a villain. It’s uncharted territory for DiCaprio but he looks to have a very clear heading. Not only that but the entire thing looks great as well, with plenty of humor and artful cinematography.

Django Unchained comes out December 25th, 2012 in the United States and a month later in Europe. Don’t be surprised when its name gets thrown around during awards season.

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