Director Juan Antonio Bayona was quick to command a healthy amount of respect with The Orphanage, where he took a potentially generic horror film setup and crafted a resonating, thrilling psychological drama out of it. His next project is therefore less of a departure than some make it seem.

In The Impossible, which takes place at the time and place of 2004′s devastating earthquake and tidal wave that killed countless people in South East Asia, a family of tourists is separated by the disaster and must fight to save themselves as well as those around them in order to find each other again.

This week, a batch of stills, along with a new poster, were released, and as impressive as the setting looks, I noticed one thing. There’s a lot of hugging going on. Like, a lot a lot. I can appreciate a heartfelt drama which delves into the core of the human spirit, compassion and solidarity in the face of destruction as much as the next guy, but this is on the verge of being a little too much of dramatic, tearful hugging for just one film.

What’s your take on these stills below?

P.s. Who am I kidding with this thin veneer of cynicism? I’ll probably sob like a child throughout the entire film.

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