If Jack & Jill would never have existed, would it be easier for me (or anyone else) to look at the cover of That’s My Boy and not shudder? Would the critical reception have been even just slightly less derisive? Would anybody actually gone and seen it in cinemas? I mean, after all, Adam Sandler has done some truly hilarious stuff. Andy Samberg is an integral part of The Lonely Island, one of the funniest musical comedy skit teams on earth. The trailer, when viewed objectively, doesn’t actually suck… that much. I haven’t seen the film, and my mother taught me to never judge anything without knowing it first. Except drugs, of course.

And still.

Still I get that uneasy feeling about the concept of writing an entire post on its release. It’s an especially conflicting feeling considering that the film’s distributor was nice enough to offer us with a copy to give to a reader.

Is that a gift?

Or a punishment?

I haven’t even seen the bloody film, so why am I so prejudiced?

Therefore, I’ve decided to put the matter into your hands. And fingers.

What would you do with a That’s My Boy Blu-ray? Would you laminate it as a heavenly gift from your favorite film site? Or would you lay it down on the street before driving it over with a bulldozer? And even record it on camera for the world to see?

So, I ask you for this, if you’d be so kind:

Go to our Twitter page.

Tweet to us, in 140-letter detail, what you would do with a copy of That’s My Boy (hashtag #ThatsMyBluray will help).

And we will carefully select the best answer for a free copy of this:

A Blu-ray cover for the comedy That's My Boy.

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