Well, that didn’t take long.

In an absolutely earth-shattering bit of news, Paramount Pictures have announced that development for Paranormal Activity 5 is already underway. We’re guessing it will involve a haunting of some kind, captured on a version of home video cameras. But art’s not exactly the issue here.

The Paranormal Activity franchise has been an absolute goldmine for Paramount, where each film is made on a microbudget and returns more than $100 million in pure profit on the cinema release alone, and the dropoff in opening weekend business for the fourth film has obviously not deterred them one bit.. And coming off the success of two Japanese versions, the executives at Paramount are going to do a spinoff aimed at the Latino demographic, with Disturbia screenwriter Christopher Landon directing. Whether that will simply be “Actividad Paranormal” or a different beast in some way is as yet unconfirmed, but we’re not holding our breath for originality.

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