Erlingur Gretar Einarsson writes:

As of today, I will no longer be the editor-in-chief of Filmophilia. Before the rumors flare up, it’s not because of excessive use of company funds for personal use of under-the-counter medicine. Just so that’s clear. Definitely not.

It has been an immensely valuable and rewarding experience running a film blog for the last year and a half, and involved a very steep learning curve for me personally. I had edited a film magazine before, but that’s an entirely different process than editing a website with over a dozen contributors and several daily updates. As I now want a bit of personal change for me, focusing more on writing than editing, I have handed the editing torch over to the brilliant Adam Mohrbacher, one of our most prolific writers and reviewers. I will continue to write regular articles and reviews on Filmophilia, and continue to be very much involved with the site, but I felt the best thing for the site as a whole was for a fresh voice in the leadership role.

In addition to being a contributor for Filmophilia, I have opened up a super-nerdy sci-fi, comics and video game-related blog with Filmophilia writers Sverrir Sigfusson and Bjarki Dagur Svanthorsson, called The Sci-Fi Chronicle. Click the link to check it out. It will be a close sister blog to Filmophilia, and they will complement each other in covering a wide range of cinema and entertainment.

Adam will in turn direct Filmophilia in a slightly different direction from now, and I think it’s best that he describes it himself below.

I want to thank all our readers, regular commenters and friends for the support and following we’ve gathered so far, and am absolutely sure that Adam will direct the site to new heights, while building on the strong foundation we’ve already established.

Adam Mohrbacher writes:

Taking over from Erlingur was an intimidating prospect, due to the amazing level of commitment he has shown to the site since its inception. I will try to continue what he started with Filmophilia while simultaneously helping to push the site in a new direction.

Filmophilia will now be moving away from being a site that focuses on news, and will transition hopefully into a site that bares some semblance to an online magazine. We aspire to be a site which covers cinema with greater depth through a renewed focus on reviews of more obscure, independent and older films. Additionally, my hope is that the site will include more essays about anything under the cinematic sun.

Now, without the contemporary news coverage the posts won’t be so overtly flashy anymore, but we hope that the quality of the content will compensate the additional time readers will have to invest with each post. I’m very excited about this new direction for Filmophilia, I hope that any of you who have enjoyed the site and interacted with us over the last year or so will continue to visit us and offer us your valuable opinions and support.

Here’s to the next year!

And make sure to follow The Sci-Fi Chronicle, it’s gonna be great!

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