With the Oscars less than two hours away, it seemed appropriate to make a few predictions as to what the night might have in store for viewers. By this point, thousands of articles have been written where men/women, who know far more than me, predict the outcomes of each category. Instead, I would like to make a few observational predictions that will help brace viewers for what the night might have in store for them. Everyone is predicting the winners, but I am here to delve into the events that unfold during the three plus hours when winners are not being announced.

Without further ado, I give you my five (semi) bold Observational Oscar Predictions. In no particular order.

Robert Downey Jr. will wear his sunglasses inside.

I love Robert Downey Jr. He is a poster child for overcoming addiction and an incredibly talented actor which a very impressive resume. He is a real life American success story and his Tony Stark character may be one of the most infamous film characters of the past decade . Not only can he play a compelling lead, but he has also shown the ability to play second fiddle in films like Tropic Thunder and Zodiac. With all that said, RDJ seems to have a penchant for donning his shades while indoors at award events. I concede that the lights are probably very bright inside the theater, but if they were that bad than everyone would be wearing their Ray Bans. Sunglasses inside have never sat well with me, whether it be a world famous actor at an award show or “Mitch” the division two college football player wearing his Oakley’s inside of Denny’s. You won’t need to strain your eyes, as Downey Jr. will be shown at least 20 times throughout the show.


Everyone will wonder what Beasts of the Southern Wild is and why they haven’t seen/heard of it.

Beasts of the Southern Wild is a fantasy-drama centered around the Louisiana Bayou. It’s very good. It was released in June of 2012 and became a major success following its initial release at film festivals across the United States. It was made for under two million dollars and has been nominated for four Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Actress. The last nomination is the most noteworthy, as the nominee, Quvenzhané Wallis, is nine years old. Thus making her the youngest nominee in the 85 year history of the ceremony.


There will be SEVERAL references to Tommy Lee Jones stern appearance at the Golden Globes.

I would imagine this is something we will hear from Seth McFarlane within the first three minutes of the show. Tommy Lee Jones has fought aliens, been to marriage counseling with Meryl Streep, and starred in a movie opposite Cedric “The Entertainer,” so it’s going to take more than a soft jab to ruffle his feathers. If Tommy Lee Jones walks away with a Best Supporting Actor Award then we might see a smile, but otherwise I suspect we will see the same stone-faced Jones as always.


Seth McFarlane will be the best Oscar host we have had in a few years.

By this I mean he will be better than the Hugh Jackman in 2009, Alec Baldwin in 2010, the Anne Hathaway/James Franco combination of 2011 and will generate more buzz than Billy Crystal did last year. McFarlane will sing, dance, do silly voices, and probably do something with his TEDdy bear alter ego. He has the confidence and the charisma for the hosting position. I have nothing but respect for Billy Crystal, but Seth McFarlane is far more recognizable and relevant. While it is important not to pander to popularity when choosing a host, it is important that the show runner be capable and in demand. McFarlane is both.


At some point in the show there will be a flashback to Halle Berry’s 2002 Monsters Ball acceptance speech

I have been watching the Oscar’s consistently for ten years and I cannot recall a ceremony where this clip was not shown at least once. I give Halle Berry all the credit in the world for her performance in that film, but it has been a decade and Berry isn’t the star that she once was. I think it would be nice if they would queue up a few Catwoman scenes for a laugh or ask her what Cloud Atlas was really about. Of all the predictions, I am most confident in this one. I am also confident that I will not be seeing the upcoming Berry film The Call.


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