After nearly a decade of heavy handed and dramatic roles, it appears that Leonardo DiCaprio is making a concerted effort to show his less serious side; and audiences across the globe ought to rejoice. Leo kicked off 2013 by playing the silly, yet sadistic slave owner Calvin Candie in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained. He followed up Django Unchained by tackling the task of portraying literary icon Jay Gatsby in the recently released The Great Gatsby. Django was a hit and Leo was lauded and while Gatsby, itself, may have been met with mixed reviews, DiCaprio interpretation of the wealthy and lovelorn Gatsby was not.

In his newest film, The Wolf of Wall Street DiCaprio will play wealthy young playboy Jordan Belfort who “at age 26 made 49 million dollars.” The film  co-stars Jonah Hill, Matthew McConaughey, Kyle Chandler and was directed by Martin Scorsese.  The trailer can be viewed below and is followed by a brief analysis of the two minute clip.



  • Hearing Leonardo DiCaprio say things like “duh” or “pissed off” is revelation. The same guy who played Howard Hughes, J. Edgar Hoover, and stone-faced Cobb in Inception is going to “make it rain,” fawn over hot blondes, throw wild boat parties, and offer FBI agents booze. DiCaprio has really showed his range in 2013 (not that anyone was questioning it before).
  • The idea of potential midget tossing looks pretty intriguing. Slightly surprising that the line “They’re built to be thrown, like a lawn dart” made in the trailer.  Does it look funny? Sure. Will a new trailer come out relatively soon where a joke is not made at a midget’s expense? Absolutely
  • Kyle Chandler will bring his clear eyes and full heart to the Bureau as one of the men apparently investigating DiCaprio indiscretions. Chandler gave very strong performances in Argo and Zero Dark 30. He’s got this governmental employee thing down to a T. Great casting.
  • DiCaprio’s dance looks like something I tried at prom, but was ostracized for. Maybe if I had 49 million dollars at the time then it might have gone over better.
  • Yeezus is inescapable. Black Skinhead from the recently released Kanye Album, does exactly what you would expect a Kanye West song to do in a trailer, adds intensity and probably inflates its quality. Kanye is eventually just going to start writing songs for trailers and forget about releasing albums because they all end up on trailers anyways. Might as well cut out the middle man.


  • I’m not super excited to see Jonah Hill play the Jewish version of his character from Moneyball. I really do like Jonah Hill, but it seems strange that he take on a role so similar to the one that he was awarded an Oscar nomination for. On second thought, maybe it isn’t strange.
  • Leo wastes a mimosa by throwing it in the bushes. I’m grasping for something here…….

Excited to see the movie now?

Not a lot of lowlights, you say? Well, that is because this trailer offers very little to criticize. You’ve got a legendary director in Martin Scorsese coupled with his favorite muse in Leonardo DiCaprio. The last four movies the two worked on together were: Shutter Island, The Departed, The Aviator, and Gangs of New York, those four qualify as a good career for most. The supporting cast for The Wolf of Wall Street is stacked with men of the likes of Jonah Hill, Kyle Chandler, Matthew McConaughey, and others not featured in the trailer. It looks as though Scorsese intends to take advantage of the inherent comedy that they all possess.

If Michael Douglas could make the greed of Wall Street a compelling watch in the 80s, imagine what DiCaprio and Scorsese can do in 2013. Mark your calendars for The Wolf of Wall Street and indulge yourself with a fun and frivolous performance from the finest actor of this era.



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  • Roberto

    Can we get more movies with leo dicaprio raing his glass?

  • Roberto
  • J

    Hill portrays Danny Porush. If you had done any research into the book/any archive articles, you would have seen that he is 100% the complete opposite of who Hill portrays in Money Ball. The book is great, suggest you check it out. The movie looks amazing. Couldn’t think of anyone better than Scorsese to bring this to the silver screen.

  • Adam Dietz

    The purpose of a trailer verdict piece is to make observations and assessments based on the trailer alone, so as a result of this, I do not do any research on books or archive articles. Saying the Jonah Hill Moneyball character doesn’t at least slightly remind you of his Wolf of Wall Street character would be be untrue though, I have to believe. Thanks for reading the article in any case.

  • J

    No, I understand/respect that. I could also see how those who have not read the book could make a parallel between Hill’s character in Money Ball and his portrayal of Danny Porush in The Wolf of wall Street. That said, if you ever do read the book or just happen to look him up you will see that both characters are actually completely different. Both in their personal and their business lives. Funny enough too, everything you saw in that trailer happened in real life. If that gives you any indication of how crazy these guys lives were. It’s an absurd true story. I enjoyed your article.

  • Bridgett I. Rasmussen

    …depp couldn’t hold leo’s dirty underwear. and burton lame. no where near scorsese’s level.

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